Registration is closed! 

Campus  Number of Registrants
UC Santa Cruz 34
UC Santa Barbara 31
UC San Francisco 36
UCSF Medical Center 19
UC San Diego 138
UCSD Medical Center 8
UC Riverside 27
UC Merced 7
UC Los Angeles 50
UCLA Medical Center 3
UC Irvine 44
UC Davis 30
UCD Medical Center 1
UC Berkeley 30
Office of the President  51
Volunteers, special guests, etc 50
Total 559


Speaker Awards: 

We accepted 82 talks. Each primary speaker was given free registration.

Proposed sessions that were not accepted were given a 50% off discount to all the speakers. 

Community Award - Research IT : 

We accepted 59 Community Award applicants. Each applicant was awarded free registration and free housing. 

Problems registering? 

Email: with the subject line: UCCSC 2017 - [your name]